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Bahrain museums and castles

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Qalat Al Bahrain Castle

Bahrain's inhabitants history goes back a very long time, about 9000 years to be exact.


Artifacts from that era can be found in The Bahrain National Museum.

Bahrain's civilization goes back around 5000 years. There aren't many countries with such a long history.


Visiting the museums and castles in Bahrain you will see some of that history. A history that's made by the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, the arrival and expansion of Islam from the 8th century, the Portugese expansion in early 17th century, Western interference and of course the Bahrain people themselves. You will find out everything about pearl diving, trade, war, arts, housing etc. by artifacts, working models, photos and workshops.


By visiting and seeing you will learn everything about the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain, a history to be proud of.


Siyadi House

House of Ahmad Bin Qassem Siyadi

Seyaqdi, Muharraq city


Bahrain Fort

Karbabad, Kingdom of Bahrain


Riffa Fort

Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fatih

Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain


The Oil Museum

Sakhir, Kingdom of Bahrain


Tree of Life

A 400-year old mesquite tree

Kingdom of Bahrain


Bait Al Jasra

Al Jasra, Kingdom of Bahrain


Saar Burial Ground

Main Saar Road

Kingdom of Bahrain

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